RASTA - Remote Area Special Transport Assistance

Singrauli is a remote place with limited medical facilities. Hence, people in need of specialised medical treatment are required to travel to nearby bigger cities such as Jabalpur or Varanasi. Patients from economically weaker sections of the society can avail RASTA - Remote Area Special Transport Assistance, to help with their travel costs. Assistance may be provided for travel costs through clinically appropriate and cost-effective types of transport (e.g. rail, bus or ambulance). An approved escort may also be eligible for assistance to travel with the patient.


The scheme is administered through District Hospital, with support from District Branch of Red Cross. The process for Non-Emergency cases and Emergency cases is as under:

For Non-Emergency Cases

  1. To avail of the scheme, the patient lodges an application to the CMHO, Distt. Hospital Waidhan.
  2. A screening of applications is done every Wednesday for the applications received during the previous week. Patients are also invited on this day and a panel of doctors performs medical examination and gives recommendation about further treatment.
  3. A coordinator from Red Cross meet the patents who have been referred to hospitals in other cities and works out the travel plan and makes travel booking etc. He then goes along with the patients and their escorts to facilitate better coordination with the hospital authorities and returns back after ensuring start of treatment.

For Emergency Cases

An application is made to CMHO. A decision is taken quickly based on the medical reports and merit of the case. Suitable mode of transport is then arranged usually within the same day.


  • RASTA only provides a subsidy and does not cover all costs such as meals or taxi fares to the railway station.
  • No cash payment is made to the concerned so that there is no misuse of amount given. The person availing the facility has to use the mode of transport deemed fit by CMHO.
  • If the patient chooses a more expensive type of transport, then they have to pay the additional costs.